At Hackages, we focus on providing trainings that add value to your team members and that address your specific needs.

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Uplifting Programme

An Uplifting Programme is a long-term training tailored to your tech teams to continuously improve their skills. It combines intensive training sessions on specific technologies with workshops and expertise days to reinforce the acquired knowledge and to ensure the implementation of best practices in your projects.

Definition of needs

We start the collaboration by listening to your team(s) to understand the challenges that you are encountering or the goals you want to reach.

Design of personalised programme

Based on the needs defined, we design a programme tailored to them and that ensures your expectations are covered and that the impact is tangible.

Training session

An Uplifting Programme kicks-off with an intense training session of one or few days on the technology you want to learn or improve at.


The hands-on training is followed by coaching sessions on-site to guarantee the right implementation of the technology learnt and to share the best practices with your team.

Recurrent training

We organise new training sessions to update your skills based on the releases and evolution that a specific technology has.

The recurrent training sessions ensure you are always up-to-date with the latest tools and best practices for your projects.


HackCamps are intensive courses designed to learn a specific new technology. We can organise these sessions at your company for a team of 3+ or you can join our sessions open to the public.

During the course, we combine theory with hands-on exercises and pair-programming, giving participants the chance to apply the lessons learnt and providing real examples of features and their application.

HackCamps last between 1 and 5 days and are organised on the following topics: JavaScript fundamentals, Angular, React, React Native, Node.JS, VueJS, Ionic, Java, Docker & Kubernetes, C# and .Net Core.

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Introduction to JS frameworks

Get a first hands-on impression on what the different JavaScript frameworks can do for your projects in just 2 days. If you want to consider implementing React, VueJS or Angular, we can help you choose the most suitable for your project and team.

This workshop offers a structured presentation of each of the selected technologies with a case study to back the theory up. After a deep-dive in the technologies and a discussion on their characteristics, we can help you take the right decision.


Tech Jargon Workshop

The Tech Jargon workshop, part of Texidi’s brand powered by Hackages, is a 1-day training designed to help non-technical profiles to understand tech terms.

With the help of a visual card game and the guidance of an expert software engineer, participants gain an understanding of the main categories within the IT sector and are able to engage in technical discussions. This session can be followed either onsite or offsite.

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