Product Development

From ideation phase to final delivery and launch, we can make your products a reality!

We have experience building our own internal projects and ensure the best practices in working with you.

Our approach

When building a new product, we follow 5 main principles. With them in mind, we ensure a delivery that meets your expectations and a code that is clean, secure, stable and extensible.

Tell us about your project

User focus development

We build projects with the final user at core to ensure the product solves their pain. To do so, we organise sessions with your team and the different stakeholders to continuously receive feedback.

Research & prototyping

Before starting the technical part of the project, we dive in and research to fully understand your idea and the needs.

In the first sessions, we brainstorm together and prototype the ideal solution with you.

frontend & design

Design and frontend teams join forces during product development and work together at all stages.

Frontend engineers are engaged in the design sprints to give their input and feedback.

Continuous communication

The team engaged in the development of your product will be in continuous communication with the client and the parties involved with an agile approach.

We will not only deliver a working product, but explain the choices made and share the best practices used.

On-time delivery

We respect the deadlines set by your team and aim at delivering the product as agreed.

To ensure this, we will apply the best practices during our work.

Our work

Have a look at some of the products we have built.

Internal Project

Hackages Learning Platform

A space that aims at empowering tech profiles through education and community events. Users can share and receive relevant content on their feed and register for events happening around them.

We used React and Nest.js to build this project.

Internal Project

Texidi Mobile App

A game for tech recruiters and non-tech profiles working in IT to learn and understand the tech jargon in an easy and fun way.

The app was fully built with React Native.

Internal Project

Workshop Summit

Workshop Summit is a new tech community event happening in Brussels. The format is simple: 1-day workshops on different trendy technologies by experts in the field and active members of the community joining us from all around Europe.

The event takes place from 2 to 6 March 2020 in Brussels, Belgium