Hackages offers strategy consultancy services covering ideation, UX, design and full stack engineering to bring your ideas to life.

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Consultancy & coaching

Our software engineers can join your team to work on a specific project, in-house or remotely.

As trainers, our engineers can devote time to give workshops and training based on the needs of the team to complete or continue the project after our engagement.

Code review & audit

An external pair of eyes to give you honest feedback on the quality of your code. Let us dive in your project, provide you with detailed feedback and steps towards improvement and support the necessary changes.

Architecture advice

If you are launching a new project and need some support with the architecture, we can help! Our experts can advise your teams while setting up the architecture at the beginning of the project.

Setup & bootstrap of new projects

Project with a new technology and not sure where to start?

Let us help you set the best practices for your team and support you during the first development phase with coaching from our engineers.

“Last minute” intervention

Big deadline approaching for your project and running out of time? Or maybe you encountered a problem you did not foresee? No worries! We listen, act fast, and deliver with you.


Are you and NGO looking to become more digital? We can help you understand, evaluate and implement the solutions that you need to go a step further in your mission.