Community Events

Hackages is a community-driven company. We love organising events and contributing to open source software projects. We also speak and run workshops at conferences around Europe like JS Nation, Fosdem and Tweakers Developers Summit.

In 3 years, we have grown 7 JavaScript Labs and a React Lab with over 7500 members in Belgium, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Dublin, Luxembourg and Zurich, and have organised over 100 HackJams community events in 10 countries.

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A HackJam is a free evening coding event organised by Hackages, where passionate tech profiles get together to learn a new technology or new features of a specific technology.

We are always looking for organisations to host our events and help us in spreading our knowledge and in growing the community around Europe.

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A HackLunch is a short session taking place during the lunch break of your team when one of Hackages’ Open Source engineers introduces a topic of interest to the company.

The format of this session is based on a short introduction of the selected topic, followed by a live demo and a short Q&A moment. The main goal is to give a first taste on a trendy topic, or a topic your team is considering for their stack and to support the corporate learning culture at your company.

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Workshop at external events

We have delivered successful workshops and talks at European conferences like JS Nation, JS Be Conference, FOSDEM and Reactive Conf.

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